Thursday, August 11, 2016

Gail Carriger Retro Red Top & Black & White Check Pedal Pushers (Imprudence Tour Outfit) ~ Denver

I've claimed to dislike capris in the past, and I still hold to it, Gentle Reader. You have to be so careful with cropped pants. They really do foreshorten most people and conversely make the very tall just look like their got the wrong size trousers. There are some who claim I myself have legs that start at the knee, because of my extreme preference for skirts. You know I didn't wear jeans until high school?
with Veronica (via Veronica on Facebook)
Anyway, sometimes, I make exceptions. In this case I made it for these high-wasted black and white check petal pushers that is got at T.J. Max (similar $16), which I wore with red stilettos and a red top.

Katrina Erickson‎  via  The Parasol Protectorate Group

I've a black & while head scarf over my hair as the heat and humidity were playing hell with it, this one is vintage. The shirt is from H&M and while I love it, it may be on its way out. It's getting awfully thin and worn. The earrings are little black & white bows from Ruby Blackbird. And I had an earring twin the audience!

* As always the shoes didn't make the pictures. I've found, over the years, that unless I get very uppity or the photographer has some fashion training the lower half of the body is inevitably cut off. I've learned this is one of the best ways to tell an amateur from a professional photographer. Just FYI for those of you what want to "pass."

** No insult intended, just an observation.
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