Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Gail Carriger's Imprudence Tour Outfit ~ San Diego Polka Dots

For my visit to San Diego I planned to wear this polka dot black & white dress with red accessories. Thank heavens I did, because what with layovers and delays I ended up having to change in a plane restroom and run through SDCC. This is one of my few dresses that can take that kind of abuse and still come out looking fresh the other end. My dear old friend Polly Ester. Can't remember where I got it but I'm thinking something strange like Burlington Coat Factory or Ross Junior or what have you. I've had it forever. Hard to let something go that packs so well and goes with everything. (Similar $25, similar sleeveless $30 lots of options, and similar plus size $27.)

At Mysterious Galaxy, me giving strict instructions to "get the shoes."
For both events I paired it with a headband that's black with red dots (modern, similar $14), red beaded necklace set (vintage, similar strand $13, similar earrings $8), obligatory pen necklace (modern replica, $18), and a pair of Via Spiga suede sandals that I got about 10 years ago (no longer available, similar pumps $20-50). The gloves are much treasured red leather vintage, gift from a friend, (similar $30).

In the booth signing at Comic Con. Proof I was there if only for 2 hours.

Gifted along the way on this tour (possibly in Portland?) was a scarf very similar to this one, grey background with big ladybugs. I love it! You'll see me wearing it often.

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  1. The dress reminds me of one I owned years ago. You look better in yours than I remember pictures of me in mine. The ladybug handkerchief is adorable.


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