Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Gail Carriger's Game: Spot That Outfit in Imprudence Answer!

So a little while ago I blogged about Rue wearing the following outfit in Imprudence. I asked you, Fashionable Reader, to tell me which chapter in order to win a special goodie box (winner was randomly chosen from all correct answers). The winner, Michelle, has been notified and confirmed her address so her box is in the mail.

The answer?

Rue wears this outfit in Chapter 10: Egypt

1890s  Nordiska Museet

Cutwork Leather Boots, ca. 1890 via Chicago History Museum

Aren't you made for these boots? I wrote the whole scene around them.

1890s  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Apologies for those who did not win but there will be more contests in future.

I'm purging my costume collection which means I am giving away clothing and...

The next goodie box will be Madame Lefoux themed!

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