Thursday, October 13, 2016

Gail Carriger Red & Black Steampunk Pinup at Gaslight Gathering in San Diego

On the Friday night of Gaslight Gathering I pulled out all the stops. This is the first custom corset I ever ordered from Dark Garden, referred to as the Class 5.

Right! So from the top down I am wearing...
  1. A buckrum tiny top hat that I ordered wholesale with a group of friends back in the day, and modded. Similar for $14.
  2. Pen nib earrings. ($12 on etsy)
  3. Colorstay lipstick in Covergirl 507 Ever Red $8 
  4. Custom choker & matched bracers (I'll talk about a bit more along with the corset)
  5. Teacup, saucer, teapot necklace. (wide range available from $8-$30)
  6. Velvet shrug, thrifted. (Similar $28, you can add ruffle if you like)
  7. Corset, Dark Garden custom, similar to the Alexandra (more to come) 
  8. Corset busk covers from Ruby Blackbird (discontinued)
  9. Plain black thin vintage gloves (similar)
  10. Trumpet skirt, red, $30
  11. Button boots from Miz Mooz (similar $200)
  12. Black retro purse (similar $80)

The Corset

My Class 5 is a variation on Dark Garden's Baroque, which they no longer offer, but the Alexandra is very similar. You can tell it's an older style for DG as it's more long and lean and less hourglass. Autumn has taken the store more into the deep curve, shall we say, over the years. It has custom red stamped leather applique which match the bracers and the choker.

I used to work for Oberon Design and custom leather company at the same time as I was working for Dark Garden, this corset is an ode to that part of my life. 20 years ago now! I also have a matched belt and cuff. Because I was one of their managers, both companies made a lot of exceptions for me at the time. These days Oberon doesn't really do much in the clothing arena. Dark Garden, however, is usually happy to do as much custom as you like, couture is their specialty.

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