Thursday, October 20, 2016

Gail Carriger Spoons Steampink Black Burgundy at Gaslight Gathering in San Diego

Saturday of Gaslight Gathering I wore my spoons corset. Because it was warm I didn't use the usually undergarments. And because I had travels I wore it with layered skirts instead of my usually floof.

The above from Jerry was the best picture to capture the complete outfit.

From top to bottom:
  1. Straw doll hat from Michaels that I decorate with a hot glue gun.
  2. Octopus applique necklace with matched earring, gift from a reader. 
  3. Obligatory pen necklace.
  4. Dark Garden Sweetheart Victorian corset that I took to with some serious button and spoons modding. 
  5. Corset busk covers from Ruby Blackbird (discontinued)
  6. Parasol holster, instructions on how to make from a thrifted pair of cargo pants here
  7. Long fish tail maxi skirt, thrifted (similar $20)
  8. Rock Republic layered mini-skirt from Nordstrom Rack (similar $30)
  9. Nomad flats by Mia (discontinued) one pair in 6.5 or you can search etsy, $30

I ran into my very first Prudence cosplay from the lovely Debbie!

And, the Tunstells tracked me down! I do so adore seeing my characters come to life!

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