Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Gail Carriger Steampunk Cream Brocade and Lace At Gaslight Gathering

For Saturday night's ball I wore my favorite cream outfit. This one doesn't transport easily so I rarely wear it away from home. I'm working on a travel modified version, you'll likely see me in that next year at Steampunk World's Fair.

This corset had to be made over because I used to use it for waist training and, frankly, I've given up on that malarkey. In other words, it was too small. Because Autumn knew I'd be using it for steampunk in the future she improvised a second busk which allowed her to widen it at the front and then she took a little out of the bust (rack reduction, you know?) and wha la! I'm sorry the picture is so bad. I promise to have better in future.

From the top down...
  1. Vintage 1950s lace applique headband, similar $17
  2. Matched pearl necklace and earring set, similar $30 
  3. Shrug, cotton and lace from Newport News years ago, similar knitted multiple colors $17 or lace and pearl small jacket $19
  4. Lace cami, similar $18
  5. Double breasted corset, variation on Dark Garden's Victorian
  6. Corset busk covers from Ruby Blackbird (discontinued)
  7. Brocade skirt, thrifted wedding dress modified by me with a crochet coverlet as trim, similar $80

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