Thursday, October 27, 2016

Gail Carriger Steampunk Fancy Pink at Gaslight Gathering in San Diego

My last day at Gaslight Gathering I had one outfit planned to go with this corset which turned out not to work out. It was to go over a vintage dress that ripped asunder. Don't cry, I'll use it as an excuse to whittle down the wardrobe. Never a bad thing. So instead I wore my Fancy corset with this...

This is my other Alyscia Dark Garden corset. You can see it's different, there's princess cross over straps (I should have gotten a photo of the back). I gave this fabric to Autumn to use. That's how I have excess for the reticule, hat, and the shawl. Yes I made those three items. I can't remember where I got the fabric, but I know it was a pain to work with. It had to be fused. I love patterned fabric that has a geometric or Deco feel. I tend to go for that (where possible) over something like paisley or brocade. I had this corset made specifically with an eye toward evening fancy events, like the opera. It has a satin iridescent skirt to match, and a bustled overstrict for steampunk, but neither travel well. (At the time I was dating an opera singer.) I'll look into a wine pencil skirt for this in future, for ease of travel.

Here, I'm wearing it with the underskirt of the cream outfit from the night before. Which really DOESN'T travel, the crinoline got all squished and refused to obey me for the whole con. Won't to that again!

The choker was a gift from a fan, the longer necklace and earrings were purchased from the Dickens Fair years ago, and all the other accessories are custom except the gloves, which you can fine here for $15.

That hat kept falling off, I have to put a better clip on it.

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  1. That corset is gorgeous, and it suits you perfectly!

    1. Thank you. I love it. And it is one of my most comfortable.

  2. What does Gail carry in her "normal-looking" reticule? I doubt there are any small dogs inside...

    1. Just my cell phone, lipstick touch up, thank kind of thing.


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