Tuesday, November 22, 2016

All About Trumpet (AKA Mermaid Meets Pencil) Skirts with Gail Carriger

So I have been into the trumpet/mermaid skirt recently, Fashionable Reader. Why? Because I liked the red outfit I wore at Gaslight Gathering so much. I figured it might behoove me to have more of this style skirt for away steampunk conventions. They go well with corsets and pack small.

Let the shopping trials commence.

Before we start, FYI: I'm a size 6.

First up, here is the one I have:

This one is listed as: The Power Broker- 30s Vintage Style Retro Double Button Skirt - USA Stock! in Small/Red and it is $30. The material is stretchy and relatively thick, I really love it. The buttons are sewn on well, there is a little black lace round the bottom and a back zipper. It also comes in black.

Because it would work with my accessorizes I went ahead and ordered (what I thought was) the same skirt in teal. However, this one is listed as VfEmage Women's Elegant High Waist Party Work Mermaid Bodycon Pencil Midi Skirt 120 BLU S 4/6 (size no longer available) for $24. Now this is listed as blue, it is absolutely teal. The Small 4/6 was way too small for me. Also the material was a great deal thinner (which gives nice movement), the zipper didn't go down as far, and the buttons not as well sewn on as my red version. Despite all of this I would have ordered the next size up but it's not offered.

Returned it.

I ordered the Partiss Women's Vintage High Waist Wear to Work Bodycon Mermaid Pencil Skirt $28 in Medium instead. It's a Chinese manufacture which means I can't make returns (it says you can but it's usually too expensive) so it's a risk, particularly on color. But the same skirt comes in white, and so if it works I have more future options. So I decided to take the risk.

It arrived in reasonable time. It's more blue than pictured, on the turquoise end of teal. The fabric is a soft cotton blend, slightly ribbed body-con. It's a tiny bit loose on me, but because of the fabric (which shows all sins) I don't mind that, although not sure how it will work with a corset. It's not nearly so flow-y as pictured above, looking a bit more like the skirt below with obvious hem seam. It's mid-calf (a bit longer then I like). It'll work for now, but it isn't nice enough for me to buy the white version.

I don't think it's worth the $28 price tag.

Next I ordered this Women's Vintage High Waist Wear to Work Skirts Wine Small $17. It's fine, fits well and very plain. I wanted something without black trim/buttons so I could wear it with my fancy corset. Unfortunately, it's better for the Spoon corset than the Fancy, which to say the color is more burgundy than raspberry (on the brown end rather than the pink end of the wine spectrum). It'll do for now and I'll keep an eye open for a pinker more special option going forward as I thrift hunt.

So there it is: one highly recommended, one difficult to deal with and lukewarm, and one recommended with reservations. 

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  1. Trying to get the link posted correctly, but I got this one for $15 from Amazon.com in a large. I wear it at my natural waist, and it's nice and stretchy in the necessary places.


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