Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Singapore Cosplay: Alexia & Ivy On The Equator with Gail Carriger

Amazingly enough, at the Singapore Writers Festival two fantastic young ladies came dressed as Alexia & Ivy!

Gail Ivy Alexia Festival

Isn't that the coolest? LOOK AT THE HATS!

Although, not that cool in the literal sense of the word because it's like the surface of a very damp sun in Singapore (or feels that way to me). It's humid, and 1 degree off the equator, and they are wearing full coverage Victorian gowns!

By SG Yung

I saw them again the next day, in street wear and regular steampunk, and they re-introduced themselves to me as Alexia and Ivy. How adorable is that? (There were Irregular Choice shoes involved as well.)

By Sg Yung

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