Thursday, March 16, 2017

Why Pick Quirky Accessories? Black Buttons Bag & Totoro Glasses Case with Gail Carriger

Hello Fashionable Reader!

Two things have come into my life recently that I really love and have found myself using a great deal. They are also quite a bit... well... weird.

One of my prevailing attitudes on accessories, particularly in social situations, is if you wear them quirky this gives others an opening to chat with you easily. Since I hang out with geeks a lot, anything that facilitates small talk (mine or theirs) is a good idea. This bag is a great conversation starter:

Black Button Barrel Bag $25

I know this bag is ridiculous, but I love ridiculous. It's got a very 1960s feel. Comes in three other colors (turquoise, pink, black & yellow). I came across it while I was researching bag shapes and trying to determine the exact point of demarcation between a bowler bag and a barrel bag. (Long story.) Once I saw it, I pretty much had to have it, fortunately the size suited my needs.

So, why was I so attracted to it?

I'm always looking for a bag that is the right size for conventions (this is: it holds my phone, wallet, swag, and snacks easily), and black, but is different and unique and noticeable. Black bags are so ubiquitous that it's nice to find one that people perk up and comment on. Even if that attention is occasionally, "What IS that?"

The other quirky thing I got recently?

Totoro Glasses Case $9

I invested in a new pair of working glasses to carry about with me last month, so I could put my special vintage frame ones (that you always see me wearing for FB Live) on lay away for only public appearances. Since those gold glasses were a gift from a fan, and one of a kind, I really didn't want to loose them. So I got this special case to hold them and because it's SOOOOOO cute.

Speaking of FB Live here's my latest, I talk a bit about the cherry shirt I am wearing.

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  1. Thank you for posting the Facebook live also here - as I am NOT using Facebook.

    1. Absolutely, I don't always do it on this blog though. However, I always post to my YouTube channel, Goodreads page, and Amazon Author Page
      If any of those strike your fancy.


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