Thursday, April 27, 2017

Gail Carriger Red & Black Steampunk at the Alaska Steamposium 2017

It is a truth universally acknowledged, Fashionable Reader, that a lady in want of steampunk and warmth will struggle to pack lightly.

It wasn't as cold as I expected but it was cold. I'm wearing leggings and an undershirt and flat boots (because I didn't bother to pack any heels, I know, but it happens sometimes). 

From the top down I am wearing:

Black and red facinator from Amazon for $15 (lots of colors, packs well).

I actually added a knitted ladybug to the center. From a newly discovered crafter Borealis Baubles, more on her later.

Vintage gold costume earrings & necklace and the obligatory pen necklace $20.

That's a new lipstick I'm not sure about. CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Color & Lip Gloss, Richest Red $10.50. This is the base coat and then it has a darker gloss to go over it. I like long last lippy, and I like a glossy look, but as is always the issue is the gloss gets on everything - teeth, food, etc. So I'm not sure I'll keep up with this brand, but for a performance or special occasion it's a great option.

That's a little gold shrug I got on a whim from Ross for like $15 and wear all the darn time. I forget how useful a metallic neutral is. Similar $17-23

That's my Dark Garden Corset, the Class 5 custom with custom leather details. 
Here's a costume alternative, for $35-$53:

I'm wearing it over a Max Studio silk cross over full sleeved blouse (similar $16).

And that's one of my favorite skirts, the Power Broker from Amazon c. $30.

I'm wearing some leather and suede black button gloves I picked up in Germany a few years and and my Pilner leather and suede gaiter riding boots $75. They're a few seasons old but there are some still out there. Also come in brown. I got mine at Nordstrom Rack.

 That's the first outfit round up. I've one more from this event and then a great look at a fantastic cosplay from Alaska.

Pip pip!

Miss Gail

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