Thursday, May 11, 2017

Gail Carriger Plays Ballet At Steampunk Worlds Fair 2017

So I kind of channeled the ballet for my first outfit of Steampunk Worlds Fair.

The thing is when I was in New Jersey for this event a few years ago it was scorchingly hot so I pretty much pack steampunk light, or as light as I could go.

Of course it turned out to be rainy, windy, and overcast the entire time. Hence the reason I subbed in the high neck blouse rather than my original idea.

Ah, May.

Outfit breakdown: 
* That's a button front pussycat bow blouse worn with bow tied as a cravat (similar $24) and a vintage parasol pearl pin (gift from a fan).
* Dark Garden Alyscia corset in a custom fabric with cross back princess straps.
* Cream gloves
* Fluffy blush high-low chiffon ruffle skirt I picked up from Ross or something a few years ago, similar for $25 or this really cool fancy fluffy one for $40
* I'm in love with these suspender nylons for when I'm in corset, basically a lazy lady's thigh highs for $15. I've multiple pairs now. Now if they would only make a black back-seam version.
* Cream oxford wingtips (no longer available except in small sizes). You can google cream oxfords and see what you get but frankly I don't recommend this color shoe. And make certain, if you do invest to get one with PALE SOLES. Never buy a light colored shoe with a dark colored sole. Trust your Gail on this matter.
* Crochet teacake was a gift from a fan up in Portland years ago, I simply pin it to my head with a bunch of bobby pins.

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