Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Gail Carriger Bids Goodbye to Vintage Searsucker, Velvet, eShakti & More ~ Let the 2017 Closet Purge Commence

I went through this massive purge recently, frankly I've changed shape quite a bit since my surgery and not everything fits well anymore. Plus I really just want to slim down my wardrobe, I have too much clothing. Some of these I haven't worn in several years.

Modern Made Retro Dresses

I got this dress from Nordstrom Rack, it's not vintage. I like it but the slip under is too short, it doesn't fit well in the waist and it's sleeveless (I'm not into sleeveless these days). I also already have a 1930s style dress in this color that I tend to reach for if I'm wanting bright pink.

This one also came from Rack years ago, here it is in a steampunk style. The sleeves are now too tight and I find it a bit too short for my taste. I requires a slip which negates any advantage on a hot day.  And I just have to admit blush isn't a super flattering color on my skin tone.

 Cream lace dress, another Rack find. It is easy to get on, travels well, and packs beautifully, but I just don't wear it. It's slightly the wrong length for my taste and it's sleeveless. Which I'm just moving away from.

This ruched black dress. It's great, it hides a million sins, it packs. But... it's a little black dress. I have too many already. This one is not quite stretchy enough to show off my waist and (say it with me) it's sleeveless.

Vintage Dresses

1960s vintage teal velvet last worn for the Waistcoats & Weaponry book tour. I love this dress, it's flattering on but without my epic Rack it's just too big. It's so well made with lining and tucks and such that it simply can't be taken in, either. Here's hoping some lovely size 8-10 finds it and falls in love.

1950s striped seersucker makes me very happy, and I love this material. But the dress has never really fit me well and now it's just gone all pear shaped. Or perhaps that's me? I just don't love it anymore. And it doesn't have pockets.

1970s knitted set, shirt & skirt, both are a nubby cream acrylic knit. I think I like the idea of knitted sets more than the execution. I thought this set would both be so versatile and serviceable but frankly, I barely wear either the top or the skirt. Too warm, slightly scratchy. I'm also getting rid of the purple blouse shown with the skirt of this set. The third picture is of me right before I bought it (I'm wearing it over other clothes) but still, see the former rack? Whoa.

This black and white skirt. Massive sentimental value and great memories and affection ~ ask me at a signing some time and I will tell you the story, but it doesn't fit right anymore. It's time to let it go.

Goodbye Eshakti

These dresses served me well and brilliantly, and opened my eyes to the joys of eShakti. But after my surgery they are just way too big in the chest and that's just an area it's impossible to easily tailor. So I pass them on in the hopes they go on to find an equally well endowed young lady who, I hope, will be surprised and delighted to find something that actually fits.

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  1. I did a massive purge recently as I retired and didn't need work clothes any more. I thought that I would feel lighter but didn't. Let me know if you do when the purge is done.

    1. I do but partly because it's visual. My closet it less crowded, and the place in my office when I pile "to go" items is empty which makes me feel lighter looking at it.

    2. Great! I think that in my case it was because some of the pieces were in winter storage so there wasn't that much difference in my closet, although now I have several seasons in there and there is more space in storage.


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