Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Gail Carriger Loves Tweed & Cold Comfort Farm

I love tweed, Fashionable Reader, here I am in a tweed pencil skirt in 2013, early on in my career as a public speaking authorbeast...

Today I made a big decision and got rid of this tweed pencil skirt. I've been doing a lot of purging recently and I just wasn't wearing it enough. (I still have that shirt.) It's sad really, it was one of the last tweed items in my closet.

Symptom of begin a California girl, I suppose. Not much use for tweed.

Still in honor of its demise I though I would post a few tweed-related images:

For Prudence

Walking Dress  1893  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

For Primrose

1895  The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

For Gail

Ensemble  Utility, 1942  The Victoria & Albert Museum

Suzy Parker; photo by Nina Leen, 1951

If you want to be inspired by tweed I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the movie Cold Comfort Farm. This is hands down one of my favorite movies of all time and I want every single one of her outfits.

Cold Comfort Farm

And here is a fun new bit of merch!

Teapot in an Octopus Cameo Steampunk T-Shirt
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