Sunday, December 31, 2017

Gail Carriger discusses her Year in Outfits! Vintage and Retro Style

Without further ado, Fashionable Reader, here are the outfits I wore in 2017!

In Detroit, I went pretty low key and practical. I also was starting to test some of my clothes to see if I really wanted to keep them. Both this skirt and skirt have now gone on to new homes so this is the last time I wore them.

I love this outfit (although this is the cold weather variation). I'm really getting into steampunk pin-up as a look.

Resurrecting an old favorite dress and remembering how much I love it.

Changing up the way I wear my corsets now that I have the reduced rack and modified corsetry.

A new corset with an old dress, another one that I decided not to keep (the dress, not the corset).

More playing with corsets and day dresses. Just swinging up my steampunk style.

I resurrected this dress to see if it still fit. And it did! It's pretty outrageous, does not pack well, and I don't wear it often so I am not sure how much longer it will stay in my wardrobe. But for now, still here.

All the outfits I wore for San Diego Comic Con. Battling heat and crowds made this a bit of a challenge, and always does. But I was happy with the results, and the AB was with me to take photos.

Borderlands events ended my year, making this red skirt my most frequently worn piece for 2017. Money well spent if you ask me.

There were a few other events in there where I didn't get a good outfit shot. I'm bad about remembering to ask someone to take a photo.

I did one major crating project in 2017, which was painting this corset. Other than that no sewing or tailoring or anything. Just some basic repairs.


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  1. I bet your corsets can be comfy because you have a very good figure without keeping them tight. I hear most women had to have them very tight for a fashionable figure.


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