Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Breast Reduction Surgery Preparation Check List from Gail Carriger

By Request from various friends about to go through what I did, here's my...

Breast Reduction Surgery Preparation Check List *

This DOES NOT include the instructions and products recommended by my doctor, this list is only for the things I wasn't told about ahead of time, and wish I had been.


Preview list of necessities below and order online if things not available locally, such as:

* 4 Vinyl Gel Smaller Ice Packs (I like ColPac)
* Gauze Pads
* Paper Medical Tape (NOT Latex or Fabric)
* Clean tea towels/washcloths to wrap around ice packs
* Button front shirts (washed and clean)
* Shea butter
* Aloe gel
* Antibacterial soap
* 3-5 small silk scarves to use under the bra to prevent discomfort (you'll be washing these and they'll die, so it doesn't mater what they look like juts how cheep they are)
* Neck pillow (rec. memory foam)
* Extra pillows like bolster for knees if unused to sleeping upright on back
* Bendy straws
* Barf bags (if you react badly to general anesthetic or pain killers)
* Post surgery bra that fastens in the front (the one the hospital gave me hurt a lot, sharp stitching), here are three I found that worked for me:
  1. Hook Front
  2. Snap Front
  3. Zipper Front
Make sure they are comfortable around your ribs before surgery. That's the only way to check. If you buy within the return window if they don't work after, you can still return them.


[ ]  Fresh fruit and vegetables, soups, other healthy comfort food
[ ]  Plain yoghurt
[ ] Apple juice, other juice, smart water, smoothies whatever gets fluids into you
[ ] Bagels/whole grain toast for meds & nausea
[ ] Banana & plain crackers for 6am pain snack
[ ] Straws ready
[ ] Ice/ice packs (4 smaller ones worked best) into freezer
[ ] Disinfectant soap open and ready
[ ] Gauze pads and tape (paper tape NOT cloth): packages open and ready
[ ] Clean washcloths & tea towels to wrap around ice packs
[ ] Over the counter stool softener (in case they give you Oxy)
[ ] Loose, comfortable shirts, front closure, various weights (washed & clean)
[ ] Topical: Organic Shea butter & aloe vera gel for area around incisions after surgery (skin gets quite dry) can also use later for after scaring forms to help soften scars
[ ] Have TV remotes, devices, phone, notebook, computer, reading material on a tray easily accessible
[ ] Set up bed as needed: you'll be sleeping on back upright for first month to 2 months: for me bolster for knees, plus a travel neck pillow proved very helpful
[ ] Invest in your own post surgery bra (the ones they provided SUCK)
[ ] Small silk scarves to line under the bras esp if you have sensitive skin


[ ] Bring neck pillow along with a regular pillow to protect boobs from seat-belt on ride home. Leve in car.
[ ] Wear a loose open jacket with secure (snap/zipper) pockets for important stuff like medical card and ID, leave purse at home.
[ ] Bring a small notebook & pen to keep track of meds & dr instructions. Write down how often to take them, and what time of day.
[ ] Take time in recovery at the hospital. Tell them to please not rush you if you are not quite ready to leave.
[ ] Stash barf bag in car. Be aware and warn people of you have a bad reaction to general anesthetic.
[ ] Have friend open prescription pill bottles and set them aside, soreness may prevent easy opening.

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* I am not a medical doctor. This list is intended to be helpful. 
I am not medically suggesting these as cures or anything else related to breast surgery or any other surgery. 
Follow these recommendations AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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