Thursday, May 17, 2018

Pearls: Gail Carriger Talks Multiple Strand Faux Pearl Necklace & The Names of Necklace Lengths

I have this multi-strand stacked mock pearl necklace that I bought on a whim from a retro fair and wear all the flipping time.


Here's your names for the different lengths...

via antique-royals tumblr

Collar, choker, princess lengths are my favorites. I will occasionally wear a rope. The other two don't work with the Rack. Not on me, anyway.

This kind of stacking has been around a long time.

Queen Margherita of Italy via antique-royals tumblr

1840 antique-royals tumblr

1870 fawnvelveteen tumblr stacked pearls

Mine I'll wear for daytime or evening because of the style of bead.

Although in the past with real pearls it does tend to be MAJOR formal events.

Princess Victoria Melita of Edinburgh then Grand Duchess of Russia

After the Turn of the Century

1925  Christie’s

via sala66- Clara Bow, 1927

Christian Dior 1948 Hat, Philippe Pottier, Fashion Photography  (Source-

 “More is More” Hilary Rhoda by Roe Ethridge for W Special Edition May 2014
via Glamorous Vintage Soul tumblr

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  1. I've got a rope of freshwater pearls from a stall at Covent Garden - the real thing. They were £40 (the fella there liked me, so the price was lower), and they reach to my navel! Did ladies wear pearls in their hair in the 19th/early 20th century? As in a string wound through one's tresses....


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