Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Quest for the Perfect Pink Lipstick wiht Gail Carriger

Recently, Fashionable Reader, I had a horrible lipstick experience.

I was super unhappy with the way this pink looked on my recent FB Live, so I started hunting for a darker pink.

* Before we start I'd like to state the following:

I'm a colorstay girl. I've been wearing it since Revlon first introduced it. I know EXACTLY how to apply a long wear lippy. I can put it on at 8am and it won't have budged by the time I go to bed - with three meals and snacks in between (so long as I avoid oily meals).

This blog post here contains my full makeup routine as well as step-by-step instructions on how to apply a no budge color stay.

Round 1

So I tried these two (Maybelline SuperStay Matte, Believer on top and Covergirl Outlast, Deep Burgundy on the bottom). Taken in direct sunlight, much darker when indoors. With these I felt I'd gone too far in the opposite direction, these are far too plum & dark for my taste.

So I picked up this one: Maybelline Superstay All Day Cherry.

This one is way less red than it looks on my computer (I find this is common with the word "cherry"). I like it OK.

Still I'm not totally happy with the application and finish (it's a little thin for a matte), and I'd like something a mite more saturated and more vintage looking, so the hunt persists.

Round 2

NYX's Prague & Lime Crime's True Love. Both suggested in the Retro Rack Facebook group.

Both of these are new brands to me. NYX's Prague is on my upper lip, it's pretty thick and sticky and I'm not wild about the applicator (or the scent) but you can't beat the price point. It's still leaning a little plum, although it certainly has a vintage look.

Lime Crime's True Love is on my bottom lip. What a GREAT lipstick. It goes on smooth, the applicator is lovely and the saturation in the color is fantastic.

If the Lime Crime stays on, I may have a new lipstick brand love affair in the making. It ain't cheep at $20, but what a joy to work with!


 Neither one is ADVERTISED as color stay. Both easily wiped off after lunch. Curses! I knwo there are some of you out there who believe the Lime Crime velveteens are color stays, but for me they his one did nto work.

(See starting point above, yes I know ALL THE TRICKS for keeping a colorstay in place. This one came off when I drank a soda water half an hour after application! That's not a good sign.)

Round 3

So I went back shopping for one advertised as color stay:

Maybelline SuperStay Matte since this looked like it might be similar in tone to the Lime Crime above. I keep gravitating towards plum tones, when I just shouldn't, so I forced myself to try these instead.


Top lip: Maybelline SuperStay Matte, Pioneer
Bottom Lip: Maybelline SuperStay Matte, Romantic

You can see I had a tough time with the application and that's my complaint. The brush charges too much and I don't like the shape at all, also the formula is really sticky. BUT the sucker stayed on and the two colors look like they will work for my outfits. We shall see how they photograph!

Wait, but you've worn pink dresses before?

So what did I wear previous to this hunt, when I wore pink? Maybelline SuperStay Wine. And if I can't figure out a new option, I'll go back to that one.

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  1. I love both those Maybellines! Thank you for taking us on this journey.

    fwiw, I won't buy Lime Crime, and depending on your personal ethics/politics and whether you vote with your wallet, maybe you won't either after reading these: https://www.racked.com/2015/9/28/9392021/lime-crime-doe-deere-hated-xenia-vorotova and http://www.revelist.com/bloggers/lime-crime-controversy-makeup/11991/2018-lime-crime-expands-to-china/17.

  2. Kat Von D makes a good long-wear liquid lipstick, with a large range of colors.

    1. They are next on my list to try but I want to make it into a Saphora to try it on first.

  3. I find L'oreal Infallible Lipstick to be a truly long-lasting all day lipstick.

    It is a two-part system: a color layer and a separately applied sealer. It leaves little to no color residue on cups. It is hard to remove, so I have to be careful to keep the line smooth when I apply it. Once dry, it is almost impossible to correct cleanly.

    This is l'oreal infallible lipstick I prefer; there is also a wand version:

    FYI, I have no affiliation with L'Oreal nor with Amazon, this is my true opinion only.

    Terry B.


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