Thursday, June 28, 2018

Muffs: Gail Carriger's Collection & Muffs Throughout History

A brief moment of muffs today, Fashionable Reader.

I own a few muffs but I very rarely use them. Even though my hands are always cold and I like that they can just be shoved up the arm and worn without occupying a hand (as clutches are wont to do). Not quite sure why not, but there it is.

I even sewed one, once, with a secret pocket. It's one of the hardest things I've ever sewed.

Here's a bought one, big and fluffy and black and adorable, and yet rarely used...

Here's a photo shoot where it made an apprentice, this was a drive con so I could afford to pack something so fluffy.

photographed and copyright by j daniel sawyer

I also own a vintage fur one that is a wrist muff, very small but so cute.

Muffs of History!

damesalamode- Gallery of Fashion, evening dresses, February 1795

Le Follet Friday, January 1, 1864 v. 43, plate 97
via colourthysoul- Frederick Childe Hassam - A New Year’s Nocture, New York (1892)
1900 muff via livingnowisliving- Found on
1905  muff The Victoria & Albert Museum
Fashion by Jacques Fath, 1952 theniftyfifties

vintagechampagnefever-tumblr Gloria Vanderbilt and an unnamed model
showcase furs for LIFE magazine (1952)

Model wearing an ensemble with a fur muff for Vogue, 1956 theniftyfifties tumblr

bcbg-rtw-fw 2014-runway blue

photographed and copyright by j daniel sawyer

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