Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Discovery of the Teapot Purse Bag, Steampunk Goodness with Gail Carriger

Over on the Retro Rack Facebook Group a little while ago someone posted a photo of this booth selling teapot bags...

I might have gone  a little crazy, fashionable reader, looking for these bags. They were rumored to be "at conventions."

So my darling friend R was with me at Phoenix Comic Fest and she's walking around and sends me a photo of this booth. I text her back.





Well she finally told me. And I went and this little charmer came home with me:

This is the name of the shop that was selling them at the con...


However, they don't have a website, they seem to be mostly on FB, and their shop on etsy was pretty empty.

I did find, I think, the primary maker here. It's also on Amazon here.

I should note all of this took place despite the fact that I ALREADY own a black version. (This one is quite a bit bigger.) And because it has a top handle I call this one my kettle purse.

Anyhoo, now I own two! And I'm really tempted by the silver... (Although what I want is a RED one.)

Of course I want a red one. Maybe a silver and a gold.

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