Thursday, July 5, 2018

Gail Carriger give as Customer Warning: Wiltshire Wigs, Gail Looks Like a Bichon Frise & Other Issues

In the spirit of do what I say not what I do I'm going to do a little post about a bad online shopping experience I had recently.

It was bad, Fashionable Reader.

I had a costume event coming up an I wanted a nice higher quality wig to wear to it, with the thought that I might get additional use out of such a thing. (Steampunk events and other historical reenactment stuff.) My general avenue failing (ah hem, Amazon) I tried this company Wiltshire Wigs.

Boy was that a bad plan. 

I ordered what I thought was a cute little 1930s style number, and it came but in the wrong color and didn't look anything like the photo.

That's all well and good because wigs are pretty subjective, and you never know exactly what it will look like once you put it on.

(In this case I looked like some weird wet mop crossed with a bichon frise.)

Turns out their return policy is draconian: 15% restock and additional shipping costs. 14 day return policy on an invoice they never enclosed. They were totally non-responsive over email.

Sad really, because I love me a nice wig and now they've lost me totally as a customer. I'm super good and loyal to indie vendors if they treat customers decently.

Anyway, I can only recommend that you avoid them.

Miss G

P.S. If you have a wig vendor you really like and can recommend, hit me up! 

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