Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Dressing Primrose for the Boudoir for Competence (Research Behind Gail Carriger's Custard Protocol Series)

Just playing a little game with myself, Fashionable Reader. I fancy Primrose is a big fan of super fancy underpinnings. This one is for her! And possibly also Tasherit.

Yes we are going to the boudoir.

Here's the first layer:

Brassiere  1910s  The Metropolitan Museum of Art copy

Drawers  1900s  The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Garter  1875-1825  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Stocking  1860  Les Arts Décoratifs

Over that would go the next layer of these items:

Corset  1900  The Metropolitan Museum of Art copy

Corset Cover  1910s  Antique Dress

Chemisette, Undersleeves, and Handkerchief  1860s  The Metropolitan Museum of Art copy

Over all of this she might wear this:

Negligee, 1908  From the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
Dressing Gown  1897-1900  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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  1. Why all the frills? They'd drive a certain someone bonkers! Look lovely, though.


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