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Getting a Vintage Shape with a Modern Bra by Gail Carriger (Blog Post By Request)

One of the questions I get a lot is where to find and buy a new bra (with modern measurements) but that will give the conical pointed shape of the 1950s.

Well darling fashionable reader, I am here for you.

Getting a Vintage Shape With a Modern Bra

First there is a vintage bra re-creation company out there called What Katie Did. Their bullet bras run small (I've never managed to fit one so gave up) and have little to no stretch to them. But they even have a circle stitch one for $64. Their return policy is draconian. Try at your own risk.

Second, one of my personal favorites is the Freya Dotty Nursing Bra ($72 30D-40G). Yes I know, it's a nursing bra, but the design means that it's a good shape for vintage. However, the band is a little narrow and unsupportive, so it can cut in at the ribs. But this is the single biggest range bra for those of use with tiny rib cages and want a retro shape.

However, if you are going to buy one vintage style bra for multiple purposes it should probubly be a neutral color. Plus $72 is pretty steep for a show bra.

So I went on a tear recently looking for a good one and here are a few options I found and tried out. (Keep in mind I run at about a 32DDD - 34DD these days) which means large boobs and small ribs...

Exquisite Form Fully Women's Original Full Support Bra #5100532 

This puppy is only $15 (in my size) and honestly it is the most like an actual vintage bra that I have found made modern from material to design. For $15 it's obviously not very well made but it will certainly do the trick for light use. For me it ran a whole size too big in both band and cup, and unfortunately it doesn't come in a 32. I now have the 34 D to wear on the tightest band setting and that's OK. But still sizing is kind of a pain with this one.

The vintage shape once you get the fit though? That is spot on.

$9-28 Comes in white, black, and light beige. 34B - 48DD Cup sizes only go up to DDD. But like a said, runs large.

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Original Comfort Strap Bra #4693

Great support and good shape but the lace edging is HELLA sharp. Seam line is rather prominent, but really hard to beat this kind of support PLUS a good vintage shape. Also a silky material is nice, things don't cling to it. I ended up keeping it as a fall back, despite the lace. Mostly because in my size it was only $18. Oh yeah it ran true to size. 

 $11-95 Comes in multiple colors. 34D - 54DDD Cup sizes up to G. 

Carnival Women's Full Figure Longline Camisole Strap Soft Cup Wire Free Bra (no lace)

This one is VERY vintage but the cup sizes run larger. I found it more comfortable than the lace version (see next) and so I returned this one for the smaller size cup. Because it is a long line it is a bit warm. The support is great though. This is the first bra I've owned in a long time that really doesn't rely on straps AT ALL. In fact, this could easily be a strapless on me.

$25-112 (I paid $42) Comes in white, black, and champagne. 34B - 48DDD Cup sizes only go up to DDD.

Carnival Women's Full Figure Longline Padded-Strap Soft-Cup Wire-Free Bra (Lace)

Oddly enough, this one, while the same company and size as the previous long line, ran exactly true to size on me. I like it and it looks lovely on, BUT the lace is a bit sharp. Also the support isn't awesome, so if you need a lot of help, this bra isn't for you. Finally I had to wear the straps on the very shortest setting, rare for me. So if your boobs are high, this may not have short enough straps for you. Although the shoulder padding is nice.

I gotta say this bra does one thing REALLY well, it gives GREAT sweater.

So if "sweater girl" is the look you are after, hard to do worse than this. Very little over-boob seam line showing on my lightest weight knit top.

$25-112 (I paid $41) Comes in white, black, and blush. 34B - 48DDD Cup sizes only go up to DDD.

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