Tuesday, October 30, 2018

In Fashion Memoriam: 1950s Marigold Cocktail Dress by Gail Carriger

In here is another little ode to a long lost closet items Fashionable Reader.

I've worn this several time, mostly for evenings at WorldCons over the years and only 2 years ago I was lamenting to my BFF that it might be time to get rid of it. She persuaded me to keep it, but I haven't worn it since. So it's time...

I still have the gloves, cape and hat, but t he shoes and glasses have also long since perished.

Dupioni cocktail dress in a marigold color, low neckline, bra strap keeper, very flattering cut and seaming.
Too tight in shoulders and hips and sleeves, bit too long, needs someone taller than me with less broad shoulders.

Something for Primrose in the Custard Protocol Series 

Reception Dress  1895-1896  Augusta Auctions

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