Thursday, October 25, 2018

Gail Carriger's Great Closet Purge of 2018: In Which Gail Lets Go of Old Loves

Its happened again, but this time with feeling. Time for a closet purge.

My darling Fashionable Reader, can you believe it's been 10 years?

Well not in this exact blog but pretty much I've been talking about retro fashion and my love of it here on the interwebs for a decade.

And something has happened. I've changed shape.

I not going to shilly-shally around the point, I'm not precisely happy about this. However, I cannot expect to stay the same size that I was at university. I've become settled and I'm content with my life. But the life of being an author and is largely a stationary existence. I'm not tromping around the Andean Highlands anymore.

And I do love the occasional cream puff.

Perhaps more than occasional.

All these things have added up to a widening in certain areas. Not to mention the fact that I got a breast reduction several years ago. My shape, such as it is, has changed.

I am not going to substantially alter my lifestyle anytime soon. And even if I were, I am a believer in:

 never keeping clothing in one's wardrobe that doesn't fit

Quite apart from everything else, losing weight is an excuse to go shopping. And sometimes that makes it a motivation. Keeping too small clothing, on the other hand, is just depressing.

So accepting all these truths as self evident, I went through my closet recently and took a good long look at those dresses that really don't fit me anymore. Without too much surprise most of them are pencil dresses with no stretch to them.

Which leads me onto the next point:

I am also at a stage in my life where I want to change my style slightly. 

So I am shifting away from bodycon, tight, bombshell outfits towards things that are a little bit more relaxed and comfortable and that travel well.

I've been doing fewer events over the last couple of years, in an effort to protect my sanity and improve my production, but when I do travel it does tend to be greater distances which means the clothing that I have for events needs to pack well, not wrinkle, and pack small.

With all these restrictions in mind, here are a few of the items that I'm going to be getting rid of...

Black Velvet Jacket 1980s (1930s revival) CLAIMED

You have never seen me in this jacket because I've never worn it.

Beautiful black silk velvet swing jacket, with feather cuffs, 2 large velvet buttons at the top only.
It still fits. But it's still isn't right over the boobs. I thought if they were smaller it would look better, but it just isn't suitable for someone the my rack, the next owner needs to be less endowed and probubly taller too.

Has gone to a new home.

Grey Check Pencil Skirt (modern) CLAIMED

Windowpane plaid, grey with teal stripe, fish tale kick pleats. BCBG size 4. (I originally owned 3 of this skirt in different patterns, this is the last one.) Modern materials, lines, has stretch.
Too tight in waist and hips, doesn't photo well, just never seem to wear it.

Claimed to a new home by my lovely Z.

Red & White Suit 1980s

Two piece cherry red suit with white birds, peplum top with button front, pleated fitted skirt, silk.
Too tight at waist, shirt is really for someone with a short waist and smaller boobs. Doesn't pack well.

Red Dotty Dress 1950s

1958 Red Pencild Button Front Dress

Fitted and pleated red pencil dress with tan spots, silk, wonderful vintage seaming in neck and sleeves, matched belt. Satin wash poplin, no stretch.
Too tight at hips, doesn't pack well.

Black & White Check Suit 1960s CLAIMED

Check sheath dress with matched crop jacket, skirt above the knee, flattering cut, bit of stretch.
Too tight at hips and waist, too short for my taste.

Claimed to a new home by my lovely Z. 

The Pink Floral Maxi 1960s

Maxi dress with chiffon top with tiny pink bows and train, linen skirt with hand painted flowers. Probably bridesmaid. No stretch.
Too tight in torso, requires assistance to get into, linen doesn't travel.

The Marigold Cocktail 1950s

Dupioni cocktail dress in a marigold color, low neckline, bra strap keeper, very flattering cut and seaming. No stretch.
Too tight in shoulders and hips and sleeves, bit too long, needs someone taller than me with less broad shoulders.

I'm checking with local friends to see if they want 'em. If not then I'll probably consign them.

If you're super interested in buying any of them, you can ping me via my website calling card and Kelly and I will see what we can do for you. The usual warning about these being vintage.

I am sorry but it's too complicated to ship clothing overseas, given manifold troubles with customs and the high expense of postage, not to mention Kelly's time standing in line at the Post Office.

Be aware most of these are a size 2-4 and I'm 5'7" in flats and almost always wearing high heels.

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