Thursday, November 1, 2018

In Fashion Memoriam: 1980s Red & White Suit by Gail Carriger

In here is another little ode to a long lost closet items Fashionable Reader.

I will admit, when I bought this suit I imagined I would wear it more because it has versatility in it's favor.

It just really looks like my kind of thing. The color is very much the perfect ride for me, and I like the clean white pattern. I think of it as birds, or maybe bird feet, but I think its leaves of some kind.

It is wonderful and very light weight. I did take it to Europe with me, and I didn't wear it. But as you can see the top never really did fit properly. After my breast reduction, I thought it would fit better. But it doesn't.

Trying it on again only made me realize how much I love the color and hate the fit. I thought perhaps that I might keep the skirt part, but even it doesn't really fit my hips well anymore since it is raw silk it has almost no stretch to it so both of them are going the way of the dodo.

Two piece cherry red suit with white birds, peplum top with button front, pleated fitted skirt, silk.
Too tight at waist, shirt is really for someone with a short waist, and smaller boobs. Doesn't pack well.

Something similar for Prudence in the Custard Protocol Books...

1896 Ensemble  The FIDM Museum
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