Wednesday, January 9, 2019

10 Beauty & Makeup Hacks for the Reluctant from Gail Carriger

I've begun to realize, Fashionable Reader, that I number a lot of simple hacks in my beautify routine are basic and ones I think everyone knows... and then they don't.

So I thought I would pull them together for you! And yes this is entirely gender fluid advice. Also if you're delicate or have tricky skin or whathaveyou, yes little snowflake, I see you, this isn't for you.


1. Brush your hair before you shower. Then stroke with hands to get all stray hairs out. Why? This helps keep your drain from clogging and it makes it easier to wash.

2. If you have fine/oily hair, condition the ends first, then wash with shampoo on the scalp only.


3. Exfoliate. Find a gentle exfoliate scrub (or scrub brush) that you like and smells nice. I have one for my face as well as one for my body. I suggest sugar over salt. Once a week is all you need, but your skin will thank you for it. Oh yeah, and exfoliate your lips too! For goodness sake, the poor things.

4. Bottled aloe is the most versatile moisturizer. It's great for dry skin, or even not so dry, because aloe won't clog pores. And it handles razor burn. Also I use mine for a primer before makeup. It dries quickly to a smooth finish. It has almost no odor.I have dry skin so I use this as well as a moisturizer.

5. Drink water. I have a wrinkle on my chin I call the "water line" because it only appears when I'm dehydrated. Honestly, if you are like me and tend to forget to drink water, try hard to make water consumption a habit. It's the best thing you can do for your skin. 

* Extra tip? Don't fricking TOUCH YOUR FACE. Just don't. Don't lean on your hand in thought. Don't rub your eye. Don't pick your nose. This is a recipe for germ transfer and for encouraging break outs. Very little is worse for the skin on your face than the oil and grime on your hands. I know, bad design. But try to break the habit.

Unless you are wearing gloves, of course.


6. Use unscented deodorant. For the LOVE. Honestly do you actually LIKE the way it smells? No don't answer that because, just no. Plus it is guaranteed to clash with your perfume.

7. Speaking of, can we talk perfume (or whatever manly word you prefer)? Use with delicacy. One spritz. ONE. Look, I'm a smell junky and I've a super sensitive nose, (I will JUDGE YOU for your scent choices - Channel #5, Sunshine, and Pleasures need NOT apply). Perfume is a signature and it is for you, not the world, to appreciate. I happen to like to smell like food (vanilla, apricot, peach, cinnamon, chocolate).

* Here's how you apply perfume: To the lower part of your neck/upper chest. Why? You want it to linger and activate. Linger by spraying on a place that also has contact with your clothing, because most perfume will actually cling more to fabric. Warmth helps activate perfume so your upper chest is better than your neck or wrists (which are exposed and tend to be colder). Also you want scent to only be present if someone is very close to you.



A lot of people struggle with makeup so I'm going to do the bare minimum here. These are the three tips I feel like no one knows. I'll do another blog post with my makeup routine for the super lazy. (Honestly it's not much.) 
8. Address your biggest worry with time and money. About the only product I spend a lot of money on is under eye concealer. I get baggy eyes. That's what I'm self conscious about so I spent a lot of time researching, testing, and finding the product that makes me feel better about this. If you feel your face is too round, contouring will be your thing. If you want to draw attention to your eyes, learn from YouTube how to pick the right colors and emphasize them. If your skin worries you, then take some time to find a good base (and the next tip probably won't work for you). Look I get it, we all have hang ups. I think of makeup as war paint. It's OK to use it to fight your battles with you.

9. No one likes the feel of liquid base or pressed powder. Honestly, no one. My great secret? Tinted moisturizer with an SPF in it. Apply lightly with a makeup sponge, not your finger, not a cotton ball. Yes, you manly dude boy, you can use this too.
10. The modern world has given us color fast! Learn how to use it. If you are a lipstick person, find yourself a color fast brand you like, and go! If you like yourself a bold eye, they have felt tipped pen liner now, it's AWESOME. Ditch the pencil. Ditch the liquid liners. And I have no idea why anyone uses old fashioned sticky lippy anymore. If you tend to your lips (see above with aloe and drinking water regularly), these shouldn't dry them out.
The secret to color fast actually working? Apply only to exfoliated, very clean DRY skin. I rub my lips and edge of my lids with a tissue before applying. Also WAIT FOR IT TO DRY before applying any topcoat, curling your lashes, anything else. No really, wait for it. Don't press your lips together and make the put-put noise either. This is not your grandmother's lipstick. 

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  1. Well you're lovely so your advice is obviously worthy!

  2. *blinks* Some of this is so basic but I'd never even considered them! Brushing your hair before the shower to keep the loose hairs out of the drain??? BRILLIANT!


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