Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Most Basic Makeup Routine for the Lazy ~ 13 Simple Steps from Gail Carriger

I'm asked about my makeup routine quite a bit, Fashionable Reader. Especially since I started doing Facebook Lives.

So I thought I'd put this blog post together for you...

Full retro makeup for an inside event - High Tea

Gail Carriger's Makeup Routine

1. Wash and exfoliate face, use cold water. (I wash with Alba's Coconut Milk and exfoliate with Alba's Pineapple Scrub)

2. Apply aloe, let dry. (I don't bother with primer, I think it's a waste of money. I tend to avoid specialist products, the less I have to pack the better.)

3. Under eye concealer dotted then blended, let dry.

Facebook Live makeup

4. Pressed powder or tinted moisturizer.* Apply everywhere, including eyelids, over the concealer and down under your chin.

5. Blush, wide brush, light application, hollows of cheeks.

Soft light-weight makeup for HOT inside/outside event - Book Fair

6. Highlight: tops of cheekbones, inside corners of eyes, just under eyebrows. I just use eye shadow (again, not a fan of specialist products). Depending on your skin tone you can use white, pale gold, gold, bronze. I pick something about two shades lighter than my skin color.

7. Under eye liner (tear line). This isn't for everyone but it will make your eyes pop. I use a white kohl liner to do the inner underline of my eye. I also used to use it to draw a guide line for my cat eye wings if I'm not using the Vamp Stamp.

Medium makeup for brighter interior event - Seattle ComicCon

8. Wipe very edge of upper eyelids and lips (hard) with tissue.

8. Vamp Stamp. (The small/kitten size is fine for most people.) 

9. Pen eye liner, top lid only, neaten up Vamp Stamp.

10. WAIT FOR LINER TO DRY. (I usually get dressed or do my hair at this juncture.)

Light makeup for darker inside event ~ Alaska Steampunk

11. Eyelash curler. (I know, but it really does make a difference and I suck at fake eyelashes. I even have one for travel.) Warm the metal up with your hand first, then hold for a 30 second count each side.

12. Mascara.

13. Lippy! I only use color fast brands. Make sure lips are very dry. Apply color fast lippy quickly, with a light steady hand. Suck finger to get it off of teeth danger area. WAIT for it to dry. Don't eat. Don't drink. Don't dab. Don't press lips together. Wait. Then touch gently to make certain it's not tacky anymore. Then apply topcoat. Oil strips color fast lippy, so if you avoid greasy food it should stay all day.

Full makeup for direct sunlight - ComicCon

* Makeup does need to adjust depending  venue and event. The kind and amount differs depending on whether I'll be outside in bright daylight, like to a garden wedding (lightest touch, tinted moisturizer), versus inside (lower lighting, go a bit bolder), versus on stage presenting (powder to stop the glare of lights, focus on lips because I'm speaking), versus for the screen (heaviest application, bold lip and eyes). 

 Rare photo of your's truly without glasses & full performance makeup. 

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