Thursday, May 23, 2019

Gail Carriger at DemiCon in Burgundy & a Pin Striped Corset by Dark Garden

Here I am at a recent event, DemiCon in Des Monies, Fashionable Reader.

I'm wearing a burgundy shirt that actually fits the rack perfectly (I know, crazy). It started life as a raspberry color but I dyed it. Now I question this choice, it would be more useful more pink, but that was a long time ago when I was in a goth phase and felt that raspberry was too girly for me.

I've paired it with my dark garden pin strip vest corset. This is an old one, probably about 15 years, but they still offer a version of it. It's called the Pointed Victorian with Straps, it has a full back and tiny pockets. I would recommend it for the smaller busted and those of a Madame Lefoux inclination, but honestly am not sure I would order again given the size of my chest. Although I do LOVE the full back. 

Here's the best shot I have of the full outfit. I'm wearing it with a fish tail pin-stripe pencil skirt that is also an old favorite that I've had forever. And a pair of old Via Spiga spectators. 

  • The turban I'm wearing can be found here for $11. It's one of my favorites because it's relatively light weight and not too hot.  
  • Tea kettle purse (behind my hand in the photo) is here for $60. 

Sadly both the earrings (my MUCH beloved typewriter key ones) and the small black un-lined leather gloves died on this trip. I'm not too upset, it's the consequence of wearing and enjoying clothing, sometimes it dies on you. I might be able to fix the earrings but the gloves are gone. Time to start the hunt again. Finding unlined leather is kinda a beast. 

And, that's it, hope you enjoyed this outfit. 

Stay sharp!

Miss Gail 

P.S. Here's two of my favorite book tie ins from DemiCon!

Security at DemiCon 30 as a BUR agent

Tea Scout from Chapter 42 with Timeless Banner

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