Friday, January 1, 2021

This Retro Rack Blog is Fading

In case you hadn't noticed recently, Fashionable Reader, I've been lax about posting to this blog.

 Maintaining two blogs has gotten a bit overwhelming for me. Something has got to give. Much as I love fashion, it isn't actually my primary working world. Writing is, so that has to take most of my focus.

What's Going On?

I have been migrating and posting my historical fashion stuff, which ties to my books, over on my main blog, at my website.

There is a Victorian fashion tag there if you want to see all my posts on the subject.

And I have been posting pictures of myself in my outfits there as part of the footers there.

In other words, I'm fading this one away.

However! I promise there are ways to stay in touch with me and my fashion.


Of course I am also on Instagram. I would truly LOVE it if you follow me there. Apparently there are secret things you can unlock and have access to if you get over 10k followers and I am ... almost ... there.


Alternatively I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to my Retro Style & Looks and their inspiration, you can always follow that board. Or I have one that is all my Steampunk outfits.


I always post pictures of my event outfits to Retro Rack's Facebook group.

I know that's not ALL the platforms, but again, writing and lack of time mean I have to be selective about where I spend my online chips.

Anyway! Thank you for sticking with me for almost 10 years, and I hope you will not lose touch.

I will keep this blog's old posts, particularly the useful ones like eShakti shopping tips and how to prepare for breast reduction surgery, and links alive as long as Blogger will let me.

I might move some of my popular ones of these plus steampunk DIYs over to my author blog eventually. I won't be deleting this blog, I will just stop posting to it. 

Stay in touch, please.

Miss Gail

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